Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random manager

Didn't Sleep for the last 40 hours may be (except for a small 1/2 hr nap in b/w).
Why ? is't say....
Was working on a presentation on ethics...inefficiently.....
Tht's all about the order in life. Rest random.....
Randomly reading random blogs...
Randomly commenting on extremely random posts....
Randomly listening to hard rock remix version of ''choli ke peeche kya hai" by 'phootage' for the last 6 hrs (no lyrics though)
Randomly writing.....
Randomly soul searching....."M I random"....

Thought to scribble something random coz just realized how random I am .......

For good ...for bad......can't say....

Someone once said (someone pretty random) "In randomness lies the order of life"...

Yes would I knw???........

Monday, May 18, 2009

Elections 2009 Analysis

Unbelievable that it is, but for the first time in many years, we are finally going to have a stable government. A stable government is not the one which stays in power for 5 years as designed in our constitution, but one which has the power to take decisions. Our system which led to the development of coalition governments had crippled these powers be it for Congress or for BJP. But times have changed certainly. Though Congress or UPA hasn’t done enough to get that elusive majority mark imminent for hassle free governance, but has done enough to stay in power for the next five years without many problems and with that elusive power of decision making in hand. How they utilize it is a different matter altogether.

I have been a staunch supporter of BJP over the years simply because I believe they deserve a fair run to be at the top to prove their mettle. Their belief in issues such as uniform civil code and abolition of article 370 has always impressed me with their ideologies. They got in power once but without the real power to do much. I had a feel that this time they may get the support of the masses, but that didn’t happen.

Let’s though not forget that we had great elections. I am happy with the kind of results that came across.

I have always believed in a two party system which in a vastly variant country like India is next to impossible. And to add to it there is simply no limit. Anybody and everybody can form a party with some serious money in hand and backing of a high profile figure.

But this election showed that we as voters have matured. The only way to achieve that almost two party system is via how the people of India vote. The results show the times will be just better.

Third Front led by the Left, who believe there is nothing like progress, has been sidelined completely and their dreams of getting into power shattered. They lost heavily in West Bengal, a state they have ruled and destroyed for years and surely will be wiped out in the near future.

Lalu Prasad Yadav of the RJD, who changed his stance from enemy to friend to the Congress in the simple matter of few hours, lost royally in Bihar. I am sure Congress will be prudent enough to find a better candidate for the railway minister portfolio.

Same was the case with BSP and SP who have been sidelined in UP and are hiding their faces blaming there loss to anyone but themselves.

The loss of various candidates having a criminal background is the most heartening aspect of the whole process.

Another great result was the power taken from NCP supremo Sharad Pawar who hopes to be the PM of the country. If his dreams ever got true, India will be the only country, where an agriculture minister can head a renowned sports body as well become the PM of the country.

Great this didn’t happen!!!

All in all, the regional parties that have mushroomed and spread like virus with their divide and rule politics got a lesson. Either perform or perish. I am sure these parties will never change but the voters definitely will and in the next elections, their share would be miniscule at best leading to a proxy two party system. As they say by hook or by crook.

As far as BJP is concerned, they only have themselves to blame for their defeat. There was nothing different in what they projected to the countrymen than most other parties in their election campaign. If they believe that they want to come to power they have to shed the accusatory politics that has become a fashion in our system and look towards becoming a development oriented and progressive opposition. If in the next five years they can support Congress for the progress of our nation, I am sure they would have done enough to garner the love, respect and support of the millions of voters across the nation.

And for Congress, they won because their main opposition lost. They won because they have the ideal person for PM, Mr. Manmohan Singh who is not only highly qualified, but as clean as a whistle. I am sure they won because of a politically young Rahul Gandhi, who has been able to associate with millions of voters with his youngistan image. At the age of 40, he is politically still at infancy and if doesn’t gets mixed up in the politics of politics, I am sure will do wonders for the countrymen.

Let truth prevail!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Terrorism at its worst !!!

December 6th, 2008 by ANUPAM

A prospective terrorist before venturing out to the new terrorism plan fills a form:

X:Terrorist Computerji

X:Choose Country
a)India b)USA(impossible to attack) c) Israel(U outta of ur mind ???)

X:Which Part of India do u want to bomb?(Choose both/both option)
Options:a)Any area b)many area

What weapons you want to use(Choose both/both option)?
Options:a)Any weapon b)many weapons

How many people do u want to kill?(Choose both/both option)
Options:a)any number b)many number

Congratulations!!! Ur done!!

Guidance bf4 attack:
-Don’t worry about India,their government and politicians proactively support our cause in the name of appeasement.
-Don’t worry if u get caught.We’ll hijack few planes
-Don’t worry about entering the country they have 1000’s of security lapses.
-Don’t worry about ur picture shown by Indian media.U’ll become an “National Hero”.
-If bored get an interview with NDTV,IBN7,Aajtak,u’ll be live on TV.Ur parents will be proud.
-Njy and have fun.India is an amazing country to bomb.U may go for a killing spree too.Its smooth and easy.

Best of luck. Sign out well!!!

Few days later:
300++++++++ odd people dead in Mumba,Delhi,Ahmedabad,x,y,z,a,b,c,………….
Destruction, chaos everywhere.

Shivraj Patil:This shows how weak the terrorists are and they have again failed in there purpose.We’ll certainly catch them some years from now.Till then I’ll go dress up for the next bomb.

Pranab Mukherjee:Pakistan!! behave,else no bilateral relations.
Congress Spokesman:BJP doesn’t know anything,NDA will kill this country,we’ll are the true warriors

Lalu,Mulayam:This had to happen!! afterall wat happenned in Godhra there ought to be some reaction for atleast next 100 odd years.

Sonia Gandhi:Elections coming up!!Give me vote,I’ll gv u my

son,grandson,greatgrandson,greatgreatgrandson ……… to rule the nation.

Media:Barkha Dutt: Ma’am how r u feeling when ur husband is held a hostage!!
AAJTAK: POLL - are the terrorists right or r they wrong .Please vote at 313145

Arjun Singh: General category non reservation decreased to 10%.We aim to eliminate this “general” menace soon.

CPM “leaders”:No Nuclear,No America,No development!!!

Lalit Modi:ICL will never be legalized till I die with stacks of money in my arms !!!

An ordinary Indian :Rest in peace!!!

Disclaimer:The post is not intended against any person,sect,religion and whatsoever.Its just an angry,frustated reaction on the current plight of our country.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Challenged , Provoked and ....

Its 2 :36 in the morning and I have my FMH examination today at 6 pm . have barely skimmed thru 30 percent of the course but find too boring to continue and finish the remaining 70 percent.Chuck it .Its better to do something which gives me much more satisfaction than the half hearted attempt to study a pretty boring subject which is supposed to be my bread and butter :P .Therefore I write .

Had gone to the adventure camp this weekend.It was a gr8 trip filled with amazing fun and loads of unforgettable experiences.But this particular incident needs immortality , therefore I have decided to pen it down.

It was the onset of caving(Supposedly an adventure sport where u try to carve space for u from small spaces in between rocks , sometimes dividing ur body into parts and trying to get your parts one by one out of the hole till synergy is established :P ) .But bf4 that we were supposed to climb a rock that lead to the caving area totally on our own .Although a rope was tied around us for safety reasons .The right side of the rock had relatively deeper hand holes and foot holes to help climb rather easily (a very subjective opinion though:)).Left side was tougher with barely visible holes tough to grab let alone deep.Anyways everybody was climbing via the right portion(as if their was any option).The instructor from the previous group had allowed few daring souls to climb the rock via the right portion without the rope and they did that easily . In the process though they inspired me to do the same.I had lead the rock climbing session bf4 this , so had enough confidence in me to do the same .
Nyways my instructor strictly denied me to climb without a rope.Once ,twice ,thrice I asked ,but he denied and ended my trial even bf4 the onset

But this guy had other plans idea.

"So u think u can climb the rock without a rope.Let me see what can u do now.The rope
remains but u'll climb from the left side.Let's see how u fare " .

Hmmm .Now wat .This man is crazy .Its pretty tuff for a novice like me and to add to it i had slightly longer nails due to which it was tuff to get a grip.
I tried once ,twice thrice failed.Started climbing from the easier right ."Stop ,u were speaking a lot , u hv no option cm from left or stay there" ."I cant sir its tough almost impsosible".
"Leave it sir let him climb '-said my colleague .
"No-now as u have said u have to do it , You were blabbering a lot.Common "
were his words when he started laughing and making fun wid a colleague of his.That was tht , I couldn't take more.I somehow made a grip and tried hard to get some momentum.My friends started cheering me up and that was the tonic required .I tried hard ,harder , and finally my perseverance paid off.I gathered sm momentum and used that momentum to almost ran away to the top.Yessssss.I had done it .

I gave a angry glare to the the instructor ,threw the rope ,took off my helmet disregarding any respect for safety and looked above.My friends were cheering.This was the moments.Moments u cherish and I was luving it.

I again looked at the instructor who suddenly uttered "I knew u'll do it".He had a sense of pride. I smiled and said thx.Even I had a sense of pride.Thx sir.Thx friends.I am waiting for much more such moments .

Well he challenged , he provoked , and I WON.

Monday, July 28, 2008

That thing called Luc !!!

I planned to write a bit abt my "pre Campus XL xperience " around 2 months back ; finally i m doing tht .I started by giving CAT '07 which ,as usual did enuf to get another 94 %.Thn came IIFT which as usual I did well.IIFT have a habit of calling me on an annual basis and then outrightly rejecting my candidature.Its like mocking me "Fir aa gaya tu macha " .
On 7 January '08 one of friends turned up out of the blues and 1 am in the morning we were in a bar ,happily njying ourselves ,wen I realised I hv XAT next morning.
After the disaster of CAT and other exams ,I wasn't really concerned ,still went off n slept by 3 am.

Came out of the xamination centre nxt morning having an air of feel good abt me ,I actually "thought" I did well.My feel gud feeling was suddenly turned into a feeling of "wat cud hv been" wen I realised tht not only did I carelessly marked 1 wrong answer ,but I missed 3 easiest Ques of DI becoz two pages in my paper were "actually" pasted together !! (4 ques in quant make whole lot of diff ) Bad luc .Yeah quant was a disaster.
Cm bk n was dreaming in my room of wat cud hv been wen suddenly got a call from my galfrnd who had a minor accident.In a blink of the eyes i was at Hyd ,totally forgetting abt nything related to "XLRI".

Unbelievable as it was ,XAT results came within 10 days of the paper.My galfriend wanted to see my results but I disagreed.I chkd out my percentiles first only to realize that after getting sufficient in Eng and DI ,i cud manage only 83+ in Quant.Hmmm ...XL dream over .Still I thot let Xl confirm it...I was tlking to my galfriend and simultaneously we were chking My result on internet (technology as they say ) to see if by any luc i got a call .

I entered my XAT id to chk if I had a BM call , sigh !!"No call" I said wen I heard a jubilient voice on the other side "Yippie ,u got thru ". What????Yeah tht moment defined it all ,my girl brought me luc :).I got a call from PMIR from one of the premier institute of India.I just scraped thru Quant but in ny case I had an XLRI call.

Wasnt able to prepare much for my interview coz my workload suddenly increased as and when my interview came nearer.Nyways On the D - Day I had a "weird" interview(described earlier in one post ) n i cudnt really make nything out of it.
Results came soon as usual ,my galfriend chkd as usual and yeah I got thru (pretty unusual)....or did I ???

"You have been Waitlisted 24 " it said ,hmmmm ...."so close yet so far".

April 25 ,first WL announced ,13 cleared ...

May 13 ,Wl 23 cleared , unbelievable but it was true tht I was left stranded at WL 1 .
Everybody was now sure of me getting thru .In nycase Wl 1 gv a lot of optimism.I told my manager about my resignation ,started preparing and calling Xl everyday in hope of getting thru.

As days started passing by my hopes also started vanishing ,man WL 1 ??? How can this happen to me .Finally on the auspicious occasion of my Bday i.e. 30 th May ," I am sorry to say the waitlist movement has been freezed,better luc nxt time" ,came the dreaded news . Better luc ??Yeah I needed tht ,hw can possibly my luc devoid me to such an extent.It was like destined that I 'll get tht news on my bdy .Drank tht nite not becoz i was disappointed or sad ,but man it was my bday ,I had to celebrate :).

I was too freaked out with my luc so decided to tk a brk and went for trekking n den to Shimla.
On 10 th of June , i reached back and was getting ready to rejoin office wen a number flashed on my cell "XLRI calling ".

Wht now ??

"Anupam ,U hv got thru XL ,plz join day after tmrw".

I was left blank ,no reaction .I just smiled and asked her for a few more days to prepare.After all i had to complete the tough task of my resignation :).

Didnt actually got time to "bask in the glory" of my "success".It was one roller coaster ride , had to do everything -resignation ,shopping,fees , reservations and wat not.Nyways smhw finally reached XLRI 0n 20th of June .
10 th of June onwards and I lost track of time .Ithas been like flying at a breathtaking speed.I didnt get time to actually rejoice ,to sit and think "yes I made it to XLRI".I reached here at 7 in the morning and at 8 I was i was attending my first class.Yeah it has been a roller coaster since thn ,n I m luvin it.

"The last guy in " ,they say I got lucky ; did I ??I dnt knw ...I didn't got time to think !!!

Sm day though I wud sit bk ,think and find out wats its all abt yeah ,luc ,"tht thing called luc ".

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I am surprised, sad and dissapointed at what is happening in our country .

Blasts at Hyderabad, then at Jaipur, yesterday at Bangalore and if that was not enuff, today again at Ahmedabad.Which part of India is next, or for that matter which part of our great country is safe??? Can I wake up tmrw with a feeling that yah their would be possibly no bomb blast where I am residing presently???

Caught this piece from rediff:

"Minutes before the
Ahmedabad serial blasts, an email was sent to the Gujarat police which is now in the possession of the Intelligence Bureau. It read: Stop us if you can."

This is nothing but public display of boldness "yeah we'll blast ur country, we know u'll do nothing u cowards ".

Where is the government?? I thought we were living in a democracy!!

What is Congress doing? Fighting over petty issues, is it??

Its well and truly known that most of the blasts have been done by islamic terrorist organisations than why no action?
Just two words of consolement , little aid and life moves on !!Is this the way a country of 1 billion citizen is supposed to run?Are we all fools ?

Why the policy of appeasement being followed for the last 60 odd years;
just to get some petty votes?

My friend terrorism has no religion; terrorists are just a bunch of egomaniacal dumbheads trying to destroy our country just because they are getting foolish support from our politicians (read congress, SP, Left) because of their policy of appeasement.

I feel we don't need a judicial system for this terrorists; catch them and kill them.

Nothing much to say, I am very unhappy with the state of affairs and this is too important even if written in d XL blog!!!